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Kansas City Business Coach Chuck Franks gets listed as a Google Favorite Places Maps

Kansas City Business Coach Chuck Franks Google Favorite places mapYippee!!! My Kansas City, Missouri Coaching business became a popular place on Google Maps. 

I now have this really cool sticker on the front door. I almost threw it away because I’m a home based business and I thought it was tacky. However, the letter that accompanied the sticker said, that because Inner Strength Quest Coaching has had so many people requesting information about it’s business listing we have made you a Google Favorite Place on Google Maps. So I thought maybe I should read up on this and see just how much attention I should pay to it. Here is what I found….


First I found some video’s but nothing from Google about why they choose to send me this sticker.

Then I found this article which explained it better. The reality is that all the work I do online for Search Engine Optimization and Social Networking all leads back to the business. Clients talking, seminars being taught, checking in on location based services like Foursquare, Gowalla, BrightKite all are part of my social media marketing foundation. 

I was coaching a client this morning and they were worried about how in the beginning it’s slow and there are many doubts and thoughts that come from a fear place. So we honored the feelings and then set goals to forge ahead. Because in business that’s what you do. You’re entitled to those feelings. Then you set them aside and decide what steps will take you closer to your goals. You keep your eye on the prize.  Having faith is one thing. Taking action is another. Perseverance because you have faith that the actions you take will result in the outcome you desire is the combination of the two. And it’s that perseverance over time that apparently allowed Google to recognize Inner Strength Quest Coaching as a Favorite Place.


The company analyzed which local listings were generating the most activity, and declared those to be “Favorite Places on Google,” and therefore eligible for the sticker promotion. Shoppers who happen by the store can scan the sticker to bring up the business’ Place Page with listing information as well as reviews, photos, and links to sites with more information about the business.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-30684_3-10409904-265.html#ixzz0yOdydM58

More and more I’m asked to work with small business owners to help them realize the same success I’m seeing.
Feel free to contact me about how we can get your business higher rankings and recognized by Google.  Is your website getting you in front of your potential customers?  We can review in the consultation what you can do to help increase your Internet visibility.
Chuck Franks, PCC

Relationship Coaching: Introspection as an exercise in growth.

I’ve been pondering how to be authentic in my personal and public image in regards to marketing. I ran across an old assignment that I was given in my coach training and feel like it reflects who I am and how I try to be in the world. These are my values in my personal life and also in my coaching work with clients.

Identify 5 things that are most important in your life.

My five things that I identified were:

Significant Other and friends
Optimistic positive attitude
Learning and gaining knowledge
Being a part of something larger than myself
Helping others

Come up with questions that bring out the best in these areas.

My questions that I came up with were:
1)When do you feel a sense of participating in something bigger and larger than yourself?
2)How much or often do you share with your significant other in regards to their importance in your life?
3)How and when do you give selflessly of yourself?
4)With who do you feel the safest in the entire universe?


This is where I am in life, and professionally. Helping people focus on these types of issues and answer these types of questions.  Through doing that I feel like you can improve your life by improving your relationships. Starting with the relationship you have with yourself and moving outward to significant people you love and cherish you focus on what truly makes them and you be the best that you can be.

I plan on adding to this as I better formulate my thoughts and grow more my self. 

If you’d like to engage me as a Coach feel free to contact me.

Live Life Fully: Let Your Voice Be Heard

How do you show up in the world? As a starched shirt or a free spirit? Which one attracts you more?

My challenge is for everyone to take that chance and dance like no one is watching.

Is your voice being heard? If not contact me and lets work together to bring forth what you want in your life.

Client reaches goal FINALLY!

Michael Frisch and I worked together for about 9 months beginning in 2007 and working toward the eventual deadline when he would have to turn in his tenure packet at the University.This was a culmination of his professional career thus far. We focused on issues like prioritizing, time management and self confidence. He would be judged on his work, by peers. During this time he was also still expected to run his department, teach a full schedule of classes and deal with the passing of his father. I saw Michael reach down and get clear about his vision. I saw him drawn upon his inner strengths to help him continually move forward and not get derailed.In June of 2008 the packet was done and turned in. Great we had reached the goal. Or had we? The goal was to help him get the packet done. We accomplished that.But really the goal was to put together a packet that would ensure the ultimate goal of obtaining Tenure. Some of you might ask so when will he find out. After a year of waiting he has FINALLY been informed that he will be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure starting September 1, 2009.I’m so very proud of him. I can also tell you it was the strangest feeling, just waiting for a year to find out a yes or no. He and I are going to lunch today to celebrate.Coaching Question: When you have a long range goal, How an you break it down into more manageable steps to help you continue to focus and move toward that goal?