Relationship Coaching: Introspection as an exercise in growth.

Relationship Coaching: Introspection as an exercise in growth.

I’ve been pondering how to be authentic in my personal and public image in regards to marketing. I ran across an old assignment that I was given in my coach training and feel like it reflects who I am and how I try to be in the world. These are my values in my personal life and also in my coaching work with clients.

Identify 5 things that are most important in your life.

My five things that I identified were:

Significant Other and friends
Optimistic positive attitude
Learning and gaining knowledge
Being a part of something larger than myself
Helping others

Come up with questions that bring out the best in these areas.

My questions that I came up with were:
1)When do you feel a sense of participating in something bigger and larger than yourself?
2)How much or often do you share with your significant other in regards to their importance in your life?
3)How and when do you give selflessly of yourself?
4)With who do you feel the safest in the entire universe?


This is where I am in life, and professionally. Helping people focus on these types of issues and answer these types of questions.  Through doing that I feel like you can improve your life by improving your relationships. Starting with the relationship you have with yourself and moving outward to significant people you love and cherish you focus on what truly makes them and you be the best that you can be.

I plan on adding to this as I better formulate my thoughts and grow more my self. 

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