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Chuck Franks Kansas City Sex Therapist

Chuck Franks

Chuck Franks, MA, LCSW, CST

I’m an ASSECT certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker and sexuality therapist specializing in sexual health.  I provide psychotherapy for various issues usually with a leaning toward improving relationships that are meaningful to our happiness and sexual health.

I focus on helping individuals enhance their relationships by helping people see how their relationship with themselves reflects in the results they get in life. Some of my focus and passion revolve around communication, goal setting, passionately driven individuals, sexuality, how we seek acceptance through relationships and how those same relationships can be both a source of great happiness and great frustration.  My background in addiction issues has me working with some clients on what some call sex addiction but is more appropriately known as out of control sexual behaviors.

I am passionate about helping men understand not just how their sexuality is expressed but a deeper understanding of being fully authentic in the love they share with their partner or partners. I believe our sexuality manifests it’s self in our daily lives in ways that we tend to discount and not identify. Men are not taught the language nor the biology to discuss or understand how various hormones not just testosterone drives their behavior. I find exploring and understanding the disconnect between thoughts and feelings and behavior fascinating and helpful.

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By visiting my site you are taking the first step toward creating the life you truly desire. Are you looking to:

  • improve your relationship?
  • increase your ability to be present and loving?
  • enhance your personal relationships?
  • improve your fitness and health?
  • understand your sexuality better to improve your sex life?

I can help. The first step is inquiry:

  • How can I reach my goals?
  • How can I create the life I want?
  • How can I improve communication with significant others in my life?
  • How can I achieve a better work/life balance/integration?
  • How can I be happier?

“Coaching is a co-creative relationship which allows a client to find their inner power and use their unique strengths to propel them toward their goals.”- Chuck Franks

Coaching can help you reach your goals faster, saving you time, money and energy. Everyone wants more of what works in their life and less of what doesn’t—and life coaches specialize in accelerating this process.

“Coaching has allowed me to walk through a severe change in my life. In the end I know that with time I may have been able to do this on my own but to have my voice heard and to direct my focus has allowed me to reach my goals in a shorter amount of time.” -Ford Kistler

Why Coaching?

I’ve been a coach my entire life. I’ve always known I was meant to help people.  My training as a counselor gave me tools to work with even before I knew that “coaching” was what I was doing. I look back and now understand that it’s my love of education and psychology that drives not just my love of understanding but also teaching others to understand themselves better.

My first love was reality therapy, which focuses on helping clients face the truth and then do something about it. I get excited when a client has an “A-Ha!” moment, and they suddenly see their world from a different angle. It drives and excites me. From there, I work with my clients to define and plan toward their goals in creating the life they truly want.

Executive Life Coach

At one point, I called myself an Executive Life Coach because I believe we are all our own CEOs of our lives. It represents how I view life and how I work with clients.  If you don’t like something take the steps to change it.

The question then becomes: Would you fire yourself or give yourself a raise?

If you don’t deserve a raise then it is time to take action. Change needs to happen. That is where working with me comes into play. I resonate and am grounded in the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy, with an emphasis on relationship enhancement.

The truth is we are all in relationship with everyone, your boss, your significant other, your children, your clients, your neighbors, and the environment. By focusing on improving those relationships your level of satisfaction will increase. Who doesn’t want to be happier?

I invite you to call to schedule a time for a consultation. What are you waiting for?

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My background includes managing the Counseling department for the Excelsior Spring Job Corps Center where I co-developed the substance use and abuse program which is used nation wide. I am a founding member of Kansas City’s ICF Chapter where I served as President Of HCA for two years. During my leadership term with Heartland Coaches  we received recognition by the International Coach Federation and were awarded the Local Spirit, Global Presence Award. I believe strong relationships are key to success and happiness, regardless of whether they are customers, employees, or significant others.