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I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an AASECT certified Sex Therapist. I provide psychotherapy for various issues usually with a leaning toward improving relationships that are meaningful to our happiness and sexual health.

I focus on helping individuals enhance their relationships by helping people see how their relationship with themselves reflects in the results they get in life. Some of my focus and passion revolve around communication, goal setting, passionately driven individuals, sexuality, how we seek acceptance through relationships and how those same relationships can be both a source of great happiness and great frustration.  My background in addiction issues has me exploring compulsive sexual behaviors.

I am passionate about helping men understand not just how their sexuality is expressed but a deeper understanding of being fully authentic in the love they share with their partner. I believe our sexuality manifests it’s self in our daily lives in ways that we tend to discount and not identify. Men are not taught the language nor the biology to discuss or understand how various hormones not just testosterone drives their behavior. I find exploring and understanding the disconnect between thoughts and feelings and behavior fascinating.