Client reaches goal FINALLY!

Michael Frisch and I worked together for about 9 months beginning in 2007 and working toward the eventual deadline when he would have to turn in his tenure packet at the University.This was a culmination of his professional career thus far. We focused on issues like prioritizing, time management and self confidence. He would be judged on his work, by peers. During this time he was also still expected to run his department, teach a full schedule of classes and deal with the passing of his father. I saw Michael reach down and get clear about his vision. I saw him drawn upon his inner strengths to help him continually move forward and not get derailed.In June of 2008 the packet was done and turned in. Great we had reached the goal. Or had we? The goal was to help him get the packet done. We accomplished that.But really the goal was to put together a packet that would ensure the ultimate goal of obtaining Tenure. Some of you might ask so when will he find out. After a year of waiting he has FINALLY been informed that he will be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure starting September 1, 2009.I’m so very proud of him. I can also tell you it was the strangest feeling, just waiting for a year to find out a yes or no. He and I are going to lunch today to celebrate.Coaching Question: When you have a long range goal, How an you break it down into more manageable steps to help you continue to focus and move toward that goal?