7 Crucial Questions every Business Owner should be asking themselves in today’s economic world.

7 Crucial Questions every Business Owner should be asking themselves in today’s economic world.

As a business owner it is of the utmost importance to me that my customers/clients are satisfied with the service or product that I provide.  With that priority and value in mind I have to realize that gathering information and feedback from them is crucial for my own knowledge if I am to adjust or maintain what I am doing to meet their expectations. Don’t underestimate your customers expectations.  They are a crucial component to your success.

The internet has many tools and methods for customers to give feedback to or about business’s. The business owners who are aware of those methods and utilize them are the ones who will be the leaders of their industries.   Facebook recently made some decisions that affected their clients and they are now listening and responding to those clients to manage the situation.  http://Facebook Caves to User Gripes Over Redesign

Personally I would rename the article;

“Social Media Leader uses Social Media to Maintain Leadership Position.”  

The coach in me is thinking where is the learning experience in all of this. How do you as a small business owner or just an individual utilize social media to pace yourself or listen to feedback?  

Here are some questions you should ask.

1) What sites are my customers using?  (Facebook, Myspace, other User Review and Recommendation sites)

2)How can you use the sites your customers are using to track what is being said about your company?

3) How do you allow customers to give feedback to you as a business owner so you can respond quickly to a complaint?

4) How do you handle both negative and positive feedback from your customers?

5) What do you do with the information once you have it?

6) What are you doing to move customers from first time buyers into being dedicated loyal customers?

7) How do you engage your customers?  

Chuck Franks, PCC Business Relationship Coach   Love to hear comments.

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