Social Media integration

Ok at times it is kind of like that old movie where aliens are hatching out of pods.  Everytime you turn around you have to ask yourself is this real or fake. As marketing is revolutionized by the internet you have to ask yourself that question as you move forward. Everywhere you look you see a new social media website, facebook, myspace to name the two most popular however then comes along Twitter which some still haven’t figured out is a micro-blogging site where your blog or posts are limited to 140 characters.The interesting part for me is I recently asked on my facebook page which got  quite a bit of banter can conversation going. As you read along remember that Facebook is now opening it’s platform up for developers. G-mail is now allowing Twitter to be pulled into a mail program.  You can link all your social media sites together and have one post go to all of your sites.  I haven’t even mentioned Linkedin or Plaxo yet. 

Chuck Franks Pondering if twitter is a fad, a trend, or a stepping stone.

 Adam Gooch at 9:56am March 27
yes, yes, and yes
 Chris Elmore at 10:03am March 27
OH good one! Let’s see, trend implies it will come back(like leg warmers), but if it leaves it ain’t coming back. Fad would be nice, cuz in all honesty whose life is so interesting that I need minute-by-minute updates?(except you Chuckie) Stepping stone is more likely. Twitter is the bag cell phone of the new millenium.
 Chuck Franks at 10:05am March 27
Your getting sleepy….. follow me on twitter @CoachChuck
 Chris Elmore at 10:30am March 27
Twitter, the ultimate stalking tool. Have a restraining order against you? Find out what that debilitating, obsessive crush is up to via Twitter. Almost as good as being there hiding behind the bushes.You know I feel kinda tired, maybe I should log into Twitter.
 Chuck Franks at 10:31am March 27
I agree Chris. I see it as a stepping stone, Facebook is already copying what twitter is doing. if it is a stepping stone, does that imply that one should learn it to be able to stabalize ourselves for other stepping stones to come.
 Eddie Woolsey at 10:35am March 27
time suck.
 Chuck Franks at 10:37am March 27
Hey Eddie, thanks for chiming in. Long time no see.
 Chris Elmore at 10:37am March 27
I think newer generations of the phenomenon will be much less cumbersome to use. Furthermore, just because it is a stepping stone does not mean it evolves into something important.
 Chuck Franks at 10:44am March 27
I agree. But I’m watching at how some people I know are reluctant to even learn that basics of what is happening now…. will they be left behind?
 Chris Elmore at 10:52am March 27
Is their ignorance significant? Will it have a meaningful impact on their quality of life?
 Chuck Franks at 11:01am March 27
Well it depends on if this impacts the future of marketing and PR. Which I believe it already has. Yes it will impact them and their quality of life and their level of confidence in their own abilities. I’m viewing it more from a “how can I empower my clients” to rise to the occasion and choose to engage in a process that in my opinon is just a stepping stone.It has an overwhelming factor that can keep people from believing in themselves if they can’t understand something.
 Chris Elmore at 11:48am March 27
Valid point. How much it effects certain markets would depend on the product, but that could change. But, I completely agree that if you are not utilizing Twitter merely because you are intimidated by it, then THAT is a serious issue. Being able to identify areas where you need help, like learning Twitter, and then taking action to learn, is a sign of strength.<sorry I am hogging this topic>
 John Long at 12:56pm March 27
I’m going to start a social networking site for petlovers and call it Critter.
 Steve Wilton at 1:07pm March 27 via Facebook Mobile
can’t you just call or email me?
 Chuck Franks at 1:28pm March 27
Love it John. Yes one could just call or e-mail but some companies are making offers only on twitter. So one might miss out on how to get an offer companies are using it to provide customer service if someone on line is complaining about their company they can resolve it quickly. So lots of business applications.