Twitter Friends

Last Friday started off on a high note.  I started my day off at a social media breakfast where I had the great pleasure to meet several awesome people. We talked about twitter from a truly appreciative inquiry standpoint. Even though we never even discussed appreciative inquiry. (for those who already are familiar with Twitter , their twitter names are, they are real genuine people who aren’t out to market to you. It’s safe to say hi to them.  @andrewconard @kristendom  @i_am_me )We shared our thoughts and ideas all from a, “this is what I know; what do you know; how can we learn more point of view.” It was awesome. I learned a great deal and they challenged me to think about stuff that had never even entered my consciousness.  How awesome is that when others contribute to your growth.  So Thank you to each of you for helping me be a better person in this world.  Thanks my new twitter bff…. Sorry I couldn’t resist I’ve never used that before.