5 easy steps on how-to really outshine your competition with your social media advertising campaigns.

5 easy steps on how-to really outshine your competition with your social media advertising campaigns.


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Step One: Don’t ever tell your staff what your doing. It gives them the best opportunity to look totally stupid and leave your customers in the most perplexed awkward situation possible.  You know, the deer in headlights look, when they see the customer raising their Smartphone up to show them the coupon you’ve decided was a great offer and not knowing what to do about it.

Step Two: Do give offers to your current customers that are of absolutely no value what-so-ever to them. Example: 10 day free membership to current paying gym members. I checked in to my gym this week, where I have a membership I renew yearly. The coupon I get is a 10 day free membership.

Step Three: Create offers that only one customer can win. That way everyone else is left feeling like a looser. This really helps people come back and try and try again. This is especially helpful with location based services.

Step Four: This one is really fun. After you create your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, or even Yelp business account. Don’t engage and respond to your users. If someone posts something about you or to you, Don’t respond to them, customers love feeling ignored. So do them a favor by helping them feel that way.

Step Five: Ignore social media all together. That will show them. Your too busy anyway to learn all this new crap. Your customers loved you before they will continue to love you and your old ways of doing business. Most businesses are way too busy making so much money to waste time with this foolishness. It’s just a trend anyway.

Follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll know exactly how your customers feel. Perplexed, awkward, undervalued, a looser, ignored and out of date.



When your ready to learn, grow and accept that you need help give me a call to discuss what your doing with your business and your social media presence.  We can come up with a system that doesn’t overwhelm you and still helps you grow your business.


Chuck Franks

Business Relationship Coach