Facebook as your only “web presence” business strategy

Facebook as your only “web presence” business strategy


Are you considering using Facebook as your only web presence for your business? Don't do it and I'll tell you why. I first heard this logic over a year ago in a Meet Up Group where I was listening to a gentleman present it as a possible theory he wanted feedback on. Well here is the feedback I gave him….

I'm a big fan of Facebook myself due to the very nature of my business and the relationships I build with clients.  I can not see the logic of creating a business strategy where someone
else owns the platform on which you build your business. Again I highly recommend using Facebook but I always recommend to clients that they build their own "web presence" and then use Facebook as one part of their strategy. As a business owner you want to have as much control of the foundation of your business as you can have. Small business owners should start with your own Website, URL and content that you own, and build up and out from there. Every business is different and being aware of changing Internet practices is important. Facebook has and does on a fairly regular basis make changes to their business to further their efforts to reach their goals. Facebook's goals are not going to be your business goals 100% of the time.

By maintaining control of the foundation of your business you are better equipped to ebb and flow with Facebook changes and other social media platforms that you might choose to use.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this as you enter the conversation.

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