Helping business owners confront conflict headon.

Helping business owners confront conflict headon.

The Risk of Becoming an Expert

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    ‘If someone were unhappy with any aspect of your business, would you want to know? You should, because knowledge is power. You can’t correct problems that you don’t know exist. Knowing someone is dissatisfied gives you the opportunity to correct or improve. It empowers you to not only meet the expectations of your customers and employees, but to exceed them. That, in turn, helps you build loyalty. By focusing on improving your business relationships, you can improve your business. The goal is to maintain positive relationships even through confrontation.’


Remember me dropping the ball a while back by not responding to a request till it was almost too late. Well here is the published end result.

Thanks to David Day from for reaching out to me and connecting with me and getting me to write this article about small business owners confronting conflict.

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