What makes you Re-markable?

What separates you from the next person or business? Why does everyone know Susan Boyle’s name now? Cause she delivered something unexpected. She exceeded our expectations. If you want to do well in business you need to exceed your customers expectations and do it in a way that makes you remarkable.When you come into contact with someone do you immediately try to capture their contact information so you can try and track them down later to push your product or service on them? This is a common marketing tool. Capture contact information so you can push information at them about your product.I believe when someone is ready for change they will seek it. That is different from “when someone is ripe for a marketing message”. I am remarkable because I don’t chase clients. I don’t collect everyone’s name, phone and e-mail. Why? Because I believe that if I have to sell you on the concept that focusing on your business is a good idea, then you’re not a good client for me. If I have to chase you down and sell myself or my service, then you are not a good client for me. I want clients who know the value of focusing on continued learning already. I want progressive forward thinking clients. Where do you find them? You don’t! They find you. This is the shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, that everyone is talking about. The power and energy in coaching is…. in the future. They key is making sure they can find you when they go to search for you on the internet.I’m not suggesting that you stop marketing. That you stop working on getting your message out. I’m asking how you will do it so it stands out from the crowd. Seth Godin talks about being a purple cow. He gives the example that we all know what a cow looks like we don’t even notice them. But if you saw a purple cow, you would stop and go wow that is a purple cow.Coaching Question: How much risk are you willing to take to be different?