Utilizing Social Media as a business plan and strategy

Utilizing Social Media as a business plan and strategy

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Social Media takes some practice. 

Reminds me of my brother in highschool learning to use nunchucks which are two wooden sticks attached with a chain and you fling them and great speeds around your body and head. They would crash into his head and his groin area and he would fall to the ground in pain. 

Ok, now that I’m done laughing. Why is it always really funny to watch a sibling in pain? Maybe that was just my childhood.  But I digress as usual. Utilizing social media effectively and to get it down where your using it as part of your business in a smooth and controlled way again takes practice. There are still many who think it is just one more way of pushing their message into the face of as many people as they are connected too. It’s not people. If you can’t create enough interest that it makes people come to see what your doing then forget it. If all you want to do is push a link to your product or service forget it. So go ahead and play.  But keep in mind what your learning. If no one is responding to what your saying.  Maybe your message it not hitting the mark you want it to hit. A few hits with nunchucks in painful places can make you target your message more effectly. 

Coaching Question of the day: How do you use social media to engage your customers with your business?

Chuck Franks, PCC Business/Life/Relationship Coach 

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