Finding my voice.

Honoring special moments that sometimes go unnoticed.Karen Hendricks a fellow coach and member of Heartland Coaches Association said,”I always open what you send and read it.” Wow. That is one of the nicest  compliments I’ve had lately and it totally went over my head. I heard it at the time but the impact wasn’t till this morning that it came back and I truly heard her.  We talked about how my philosophy is about helping others and just trusting that it will come back to me.  And we talked about how hard it is to balance wanting to give freely of yourself and time yet also realizing you have to make a living in this world.  Thank you Karen.That hits me on so many different levels. If someone listens then there is inherent power, thus the power of social media as we are seeing. I’m not really by nature power hungry so it was very humbling. In my world with power comes great responsibility. Don’t get me wrong I already know I have something to say….LOL. But for someone to say I listen to you when listening, as a skill is something I value so highly as a coach, it’s a tad bit overwhelming. If someone is listening I need to make sure what I have to say is valuable to them. Not that everything has to be perfectly crafted but definitely that I do have a responsibility in this exchange of communication/information in the world. What is my role in each relationship I have in this world? My new Twitter friends and I even touched on this a bit.  We shared how sometimes the messages you spend the most time writing can fall flat and the ones you just share without editing yourself generate quite the exchange of ideas. How do I choose to show up authenticly in this world? It’s a daily quest. Great question but do we really ever fully answer it or do we just stay in process?It’s that time of year that I’m getting very antsy about opening the pool.  Can’t wait for summer so I’ll use a pool metaphor.Everyone who knows me well knows I’m the kinda guy who will check the water of the pool before I jump in. My closest friends know I’m the reason the pool heater is on in the first place. But what they don’t know or see is that I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how much of a shock my body is going to have to respond to when I plung into the water. What everyone sees is the big splash at the moment that I jump in.   I’m not one to  let my fear stop me from doing what I want to do.  It’s not that I don’t feel fear. I just don’t let it rule my life anymore. I make a decision and go with it. Is it always right? Of course not. But do I have regrets? NO!   I know that I’ve already turned the heater on.  Is there something in your life your trying to decide when to plunge into.  Go ahead give it some serious thought, and then when you’re ready.  Run and jump.Coaching can be like holding a friend’s hand and both of us run and jump in together at the same time. So take my hand, lets go.