Translating Internet language: It’s not just about English anymore.

Translating Internet language: It’s not just about English anymore.

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I don’t speak fluent Blackberry… do you? I’m an iPhone guy. Does that mean I should discount anyone’s opinon who uses a Blackberry? I’m pretty sure there are some bright Blackberry users.

My language is English? Is your clients? Do you just assume everyone should speak your language? How much money does this assumption cost you as a business owner?

Do you speak fluent internet? Does your website show up on all the important browsers the same way? A good developer doesn’t only speak one language or use one browser.

One of the first questions everyone should ask themselves is: Do you listen to your customers?

Regardless if you are you listening to your customers, your competitor is.

You don’t have to like what your customer is saying and there is no obligation to change in response to a customers feedback. Unless you want to stand out and be remarkable. Remarkable businesses are listenting and responding to their customers.

English, Spanish, Italian, Flash, Linux, HTML, PC, MAC, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, Phone, direct mail.  Make sure you have open pathways for customers to give you feedback about what they want. Read on to find out who didn’t listen to me and will soon see me not pay them…

Hootsuite sent me a survey a week or so ago. I responded with fairly negative comments and then challenged them to actually care about me as a customer and to contact me directly. I also posted on Twitter how I thought they failed.  And then I started talking to my clients about their non-responsiveness.

I still haven’t heard from them. What do you think my next step will be. To stop paying them the monthly fee they are charging my Paypal account. That’s what. I wonder if they will follow-up with me then. Good costomer survice doesn’t happen after someone is upset it happens before. Customer service is not disaster control. It is communication.

Translation is at it’s core, a communication tool. So make sure your not only listening in your own language but push yourself to step out and listen to someone who speaks a different language or talks on a different platform. Follow the conversation about your business even if it’s on twitter, or facebook, or someplace you’ve you’ve never even heard of.

For more information about how to make sure your not ignoring your customers and loosing money contact me.

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