Technology Sucks

Can I just say I’m overwhelmed? I am. I admit it. Twitter that world!Oh yeah I haven’t twitted in like 4 days.  Am I suppose to be having withdrawal or something. Maybe that is it. Maybe I just need a fix.  Well here I am working at crafting a message. Or am I just psychoanalysing myself. Living within my own head.  Craving to be heard by the masses yet typing it into a text box. My mobleme account isn’t pushing info back and forth like it is suppose too. I upgraded my e-mail accounts from POP to IMAP and now some are getting delayed for hours and just showing up at weird times after I’ve had ongoing communication with the same person. I’ve spent more time on the phone with customer support between, GoDaddy, and Apple than I would wish on anyone.  Granted I’ve had great customer service.  Althought really Apple would it be so hard for one person to handle my laptop, my iphone and my mobileme account. Ummmmmm I think your selling it all to me and I think the idea is it is suppose to work together…..  But I can’t say enough good things about GoDaddy’s customer support.  I’m usually the first to admit the problem is user error. I know I screwed something up before I even call but GoDaddy has customer service down to an artform. I recently have spent quite a bit of time starting a new blog. Just to change one thing in some settings box for it’s control panel to get lost in space and for it to fall to the wayside cause I can’t even access it again to try and change it back. But we learn as we fail. I spent hours trying to figure out what happened when I imported this blog from my hosting site at GoDaddy to WordPress.comOh and did everyone else know that and are two different things. Thank the powers that be that you need a seperate password to get into codex at wordpress, cause I kept trying I think it is for programmers, and I might have deleted my hard drive or something. I do want to Thank someone. Nick at wordpress.  After figuring out that I had set up a wordpress.ORG account and that is a more advanced level of control over your blog that many of you will want.  I set up this wordpress.COM  account and imported 117 posts. All my comments showed up but I only could find 4 posts. After I stopped banging my head against the wall I e-mailed support, explained what happened. I woke up to find an e-mail from Nick saying “I fixed it for you”…….. Thank you Thank you Thank you, NICK.This is just a rant.  So remember if something doesn’t work, reboot.  Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath.  Well the reason for the rant is to appoligize that you the world can’t follow it anymore. It won’t stop me nor will it dampen my spirit just cause I did some work and the result was not what I had envisioned.  Sometimes our best lessons are the ones where we learn through failure.