Ok I’m off the ledge

I seem to have the problems addressed that I was working on. All but one. I still have a blog I put out there and is lost but I have let it go like a message in a bottle, maybe someday someone will find it and read it. I’m not sure it will take them anywhere but is it not all about just putting positive energy out into the world to attract that same type of possitive energy back to you.  So I’m sending out the thought.  If technology has you down. Step back. Turn the computer off. Take a deep breath and think about how people used to have to read by the light of the fire.  Ride horses to town to get groceries, well actually to get supplies they were home growing their own vegtables. Hunting for meat, picking wild berries. It’s not always about “The Google” so someone commonly referrs to it as. Ok not turn it back on and see if the computer fairies have fixed the problem.  Chuck Franks, PCC