Twitterland: No I won’t go.

I picture myself on the TV show Survivor and the challenge is one person has to hang on to a pole and two of the opposing tribe memebers have to wrench them from pole and drag them across a line.  Well that line is twitter for me. I’m hanging on for dear life not wanting to be dragged across that line.

First I want to give a big shout out to:

  • @KimWeaver
  • @loopt
  • @pinglive
  • @vBSetup

These people took the time to reply to my posts on twitter. Which is the most important part, actual two way communication.  so I would strongly suggest following them as they apparently know what they are doing. More than I do at this point. But I think I’m on the learning curve going up.

I did get some personal direct messages (known as DM in twit speak) and the guy who did the best job on that was @emailcopywriter I totally got his sense of humor and the link he sent was relavent and funny.

emailcopywriter So that I can be your Twitter Master Read this & give me your unwavering devotion 

I’m sure I’m breaking some rule or etiqute by not asking permission from these people about reposting or blogging about them but I’m saying nice things so I hope they both guide me and forgive me.