Kansas City Coach (ME) opens up blog for guest bloggers

Kansas City Coach (ME) opens up blog for guest bloggers

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I am pushing the envelope on the open door policy I believe in. So going forward I will be allowing guest bloggers. Well of course there is a twist. Well, lets just say some parameters.

1) Don’t sell yourself, share something. I’m fine with this giving you a little publicity but showcase your talent not yourself Please.

2) All Kansas City small business are invited to share what they are doing.

3) Preference will be given to charitable organizations and events.

4) I’d love for some local love to be spread meaning, write about local Kansas City happenings.

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5) My own interests are around helping others.

6) This will be in conjunction with a blogging group I’m interested in starting. Why you ask? Good question. Because I want to encourage people to find their voice. And if just dipping their toe in the water can empower them to start their own blog then I feel like I’m helping.


To write a guest post please send it too Chuck@ChuckFranks.com

Let’s showcase some talent together.

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