Coaching Testimonial explains what I do.

Coaching Testimonial explains what I do.

As a life coach I sometimes struggle to find the right words to tell people what I do. I was so moved by one of my clients who wrote me this testimonial that I just want to share it cause I think it encompases what I do. I already shared with her that it brought tears to my eyes as a sense of pride, and emotion came over me knowing that I had helped someone in such a way. I never take credit for my clients accomplishments, I do however Thank them for allowing me to be a part of their success. So here goes:

I am sitting here relaxing on a quiet Friday evening. Over a cup of sweet mint tea I mentally review my week. What a week. I was incredibly busy. As usual. I had a large number of challenges. As usual. My job, in the financial sector, was wild. As usual. And my responsibilities with my family were non-stop. Of course. Mothers never go "off duty".

Really the only thing unusual about my evening is how I am feeling. Relaxed. Confident. In control. Accomplished.

Although I had been like that for much of my life those feelings had eroded in the past few years. First came the "life changing events". Then being overwhelmed by responsibilities stacking up higher than the Eiffel Tower. So many balls to try to keep in the air. I juggled as fast as I could but invariably one would fall. And then that one became the priority. Soon my priorities were being dictated more by which ball fell to the ground than by which was really the most important.

I knew that I needed something to change. Or someone to help. But where does one find a person to help you get your life back under control?

I saw an advertisement for Chuck Franks, Life Coach. Hmmm. I had heard of Life Coaches before but I had no clue what they did. I gave him a call. We talked for a bit and he offered a free session. Well heck, I thought, "why not!" I have to admit, I was a bit startled in that session. I had expected a sales job with a smattering of help. A little peek at what he could do, then the sales pitch.

Instead I got a level headed assessment of my situation. We discussed a possible course of action. We talked about what I could do by myself, and what Chuck could offer. I decided to give it a try.

From the very start Chuck was sensitive to determining my needs and firm in his resolve to provide constructive input. He has been instrumental in helping me change some very detrimental thoughts. Of course I didn’t realize the thoughts were sabotaging me. And I wasn’t too convinced that they were a problem when Chuck brought them up. But he was right. They were a huge problem.

Throughout the months we worked together in order to to get me back on track. Chuck’s incredible insight, sensitivity and expertise have been like a beacon in the dark. Lighting the way. Helping me to change the few things I could change but mainly to work internally so that I was dealing with my challenges in a constructive, efficient and productive manner.

Chuck has made this difficult time into a journey I now face with positive anticipation. I have to wonder where I would be if I hadn’t been lucky enough to find him. There is no way to know I guess. But, I did find him. And so here I sit with my cup of tea. Reflecting on a full, challenging, positive and basically awesome week. Thanks Chuck! You’re the best!

Rochelle (Shelly) Doyle
Currency Trader