To Twit or not to Twit


Blogging, microblogging, social networks, facebook…

There is a lot of stuff. It reminds me of texting and how you have to know the abbrieviations for all these phrases. Which takes me back to my youth and everyone was talking pig-latin.

Ok here is how I see it right now from my wonderful vantage point, sitting high up on the fence. Everyone is talking about how great twitter is. All I can think of is my parents repeatedly saying. If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too. The intent was to get me to think for myself and to make my own decisions. I understand the concept of twitter although I still would call me a newbie. I’m definately not a convert yet.

There are definately people who I am following because when I do I learn something new. Paticluarly Pete Cashmore @mashable. He catches my attention with the content he is publishing. Although I’m not sure I’m even writting that correctly because I haven’t found the twitter for dummies version of how to even understand what I’m following. So I’ve purposely sat back and watched this for a while.

So feel free to stay tuned to see which side of the fence I fall on and find out if I’m going to be a twit. My mother would probably tell you I already am, but then who listens to her anyway, where is that cliff.

Chuck Franks, PCC