“Your Clients are Talking Behind Your Back: It’s Time to Turn Around!”

“Your Clients are Talking Behind Your Back: It’s Time to Turn Around!”

The very clients who bring you business can also send it away (and tell their friends) if they believe you’re not listening to them.

They’re using social media tools (like Twitter and Facebook) and blogging about their experiences with your company, probably at this very moment! 

As a business owner, you have countless opportunities to connect with and engage your customers in an extremely cost-effective way. Are you listening to what they’re saying behind your back? Has your business received positive or negative “sentiment” in the online world? We’ll talk about how to extend your reach and expand your influence without spending a fortune–having one-on-one conversations with those who are the creators of your online reputation. How can you become known as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your field of business? Would the New York Times contact you as a source for a news story? Through real-life examples, we’ll see how some companies are setting new standards for customer service without spending a fortune–the tools are sometimes just a click away. As a followup to Chuck Franks‘ presentation in May, we’ll look “under the hood” to see some great examples of inbound marketing by large and small business who use these tools to level the playing field. And, yes, we’ll “name names!”


Image of Buck Sommerkamp from Twitter

Image of Buck Sommerkamp

Buck Sommerkamp is a multimedia developer and programmer/analyst with 30 years of experience in radio, television, print, and interactive production. He is an avid communicator, earning his Public Relations degree at Central Missouri State University. He currently develops video and web applications for Butler Manufacturing, a division of BlueScope Steel based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. As a developer for several web sites within Butler’s Customer Solutions Group, Buck works with search engine optimization, social media, and the integration of internal and external communications to the 1,500 North American customers who design and erect Butler pre-engineered steel buildings. An Eagle Scout and father of two teenage boys, Buck is a member of Toastmasters International and the Social Media Club of Kansas City. He enjoys helping others learn how to maximize online effectiveness and to carefully measure the results. If you ask him something about music from the 70s, he’ll be your friend for life!

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