Small Business Marketing Strategy explained in 5 easy steps

Small Business Marketing Strategy explained in 5 easy steps

Define    State    Locate    Create    Ingnite

I say that you should start at the end. What effect do I want to have? What action do I want to create?

1) What is your end goal? Define it.

2) What action do you want your customer to take?  State it. Getting someone to your website isn’t going to get you want you want unless hight website traffic is the goal. I’m assuming you have a website for the intent to get clients. What is it you want them to do? Buy a book? Call for an appointment? Call for a quote?

3) Where is your audience? Where exactly do your potential clients hang out, in a bar? Go buy them a drink. On the internet this question pertains to which sites will you find your potential clients visiting on a regular basis? Locate it.

4) Strategize about how you want to engage. A ratio I recently heard was 12 to 1 for every one time you talk about yourself you should talk about others 12 times. This is about engagement and if your not engaging you’re just marketing. Most marketers don’t want to take the time. Most marketers miss their mark. Decide exactly how you want to engage with your audience. Create it.

5) Take Action. Ingnite it. Make it happen.


These are the basic 5 components how you use them and how indepth you get with each component will directly affect your result. Think about utilizing the talents of someone who can help you strategize through these steps.

What do think? Did I hit all the basics? 

I hope so cause I’ve been hired to present tomorrow to an agency about social media but I know what they really want to know is how to go about doing it, not just what is available