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I’m sitting here waiting for a slow connection and getting frustrated and it started me thinking of things I “should” get done. Things I have started and stopped in my business having failed to follow through on ideas I have either implemented and just didn’t keep up with or just having difficulty with. 
I’m realizing that this blog is something that I thought I’d actually use more.  I recently responded to a question on Linked in about how do you prepare to succeed?  I can be quite hard on myself when I don’t walk my own talk so having answered the question and gotten a nice reply, I also got a reply from someone who said I had an interesting blog.  I think this is the first person who has given me feedback on my blog, I get a lot of track back requests to Viagra or some other drug related spam crap.  
I realized that this blog has been something I’ve seen as a tool rather than a process. Something I’m suppose to do to get more traffic to my website and to generate more business for myself. Rather than using it as a type of journal that others can use to see that I am walking my own talk. Setting an example that I actually take time out of my day to think about and share those thoughts publicly about my business. And more importantly that I know what I’m talking about. (laughing at myself cause I really don’t take myself all that seriously)
So it occurs to me that I actually have several different modes of communication.  One where I can be very clear about what I think is right and what my opinion is on a topic or situation.  Another where I listen so I can hear and learn from someone else knowing they know more than I do. Another where I’m in a leadership role so I have a greater responsibility to move my group toward a common goal, where my own opinion about a particular subject isn’t as important, not that I’m not just as clear but how I express it or choose not to express it can influence the groups progress. And then in coaching where my opinion doesn’t matter at all even though clients often ask for it. I say my opinion doesn’t matter at all because in a coaching relationship what matters is how well I can ask a question to move a client toward their own answers and goals. So I’m going to start looking at this blog a little differently and see if it doesn’t manifest differently.
So thank you Yogesh Malik  for touching me from afar with one quick little comment.
And the answer to: What do I personally do to prepare for success?
To prepare for success I ask my self important questions. First is what is it I want? Clarify your goal. Then I ask how will I know it when I get there? Setting measurable objectives. This allows you to not only see progress as you move from one objective to the next but exactly how much closer you are to success. And how will I know I’ve reached success? If you don’t start with a clear vision of what it is you want to obtain, then it is very hard to measure and be clear about when you have obtained it. The final step taking action. What can I do right now that will move me closer to my goal? These are the steps that I use personally and the same steps that I use help my clients stay focused and moving forward. But you have to be ready to jump in and take action. Some people talk about goals but aren’t really ready to make the changes it might take to realize those goals. So you have to figure out what obstacle is keeping you from moving forward and have a plan of action to tackle that obstacle. Identify possible obstacles in advance and have a plan of attack ready, then nothing can get in your way. Also identify your strengths and leverage them.
I hope this helps someone today.