Chance Encounters

I didn’t sleep well last night and consequently started my day off in not a great mood. However I happen to live in an awesome house that brings to me joy in many different ways.  Today we were visited by two young fawns and their mother.  The fawns were just playing in the front/side yard and I didn’t see the mom till I walked out to get a closer shot with the camera.  Thank you for bringing me out of my self focused mindset.  So now I’m sitting here thinking not about how to price my services or how to position myself and my marketing, but what can I give to my clients, and how can I make a group work that would be more productive for the participants.  If I’m successful at getting a pic or two of the deers I’ll also add the family of foxes that were playing in the driveway this week. I’m not sure how these pictures will show up on anyone elses screen but in the one including mom one of the fawns is hiding behind her.  The other only has the two fawns.