I Fly Southwest because of Pat King and other employees like her.

I Fly Southwest because of Pat King and other employees like her.

I want someone over at Southwest Airlines to know what a great employee you have in Pat King.  In case you don’t know who she is, here is a quick reminder.

Southwest Airlines Pat King

We had the wonderful opportunity to fly best class in her section of the plane. On our first leg home from Fort Lauderdale to Denver. She is a true gem. I’m not a morning person and her smile warmed me up more than a cup of coffee. She was gracious and friendly and just everything we could have asked for in a flight attendant. And she did all that at 8am. We had been up since about 5am to get to the airport in time and I think she said she had been up since 4 because she was based out of Las Vegas but lives in Texas. I just always like to let companies know when they are truly being represented by some class act employees.

Then on our next leg of our flight we were greeted by a team of men who upon further inquiry always request to fly together on the anniversary of 9/11 we flew on the 12th but I’m assuming they had to be booked together for several days to get to be together on the 11th. All of them had a smile on their face and were so wonderful to everyone. I’m sure it takes a special bond to continue to do the jobs most of us take for granted. Now that I think about it. We flew Southwest on 9/10 home from Chicago that fateful year. I didn’t get the gentlemen’s names or pictures as their flight was completely full and a shorter flight. But I really want you to know how well you are represented by your staff.

Thanks Southwest for treating your customers so well. That is why I am a frequent flyer on your airline. Thanks to Pat and the Guys and all the rest of the crew that made our long day pleasant.