How to Be Remarkable in Business by Being a Heretic

How to Be Remarkable in Business by Being a Heretic

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Who is doing something that no one else in his or her industry is doing?

Doing something different is what makes you REMARKABLE.

Everyone is unique but that doesn’t mean your REMARKABLE you have do to something that makes people want to comment or continue to talk about you. What is it that you do in your business that makes you REMARKABLE?

We are in the age of the heretic. A heretic is someone who goes against the grain of the status quo. A heretic is someone that stands out, someone that does things differently.

The marketplace is only rewarding people who are doing things differently. If your doing the same thing as everyone else then your just one more sheep in a big heard of sheep. The market is dictating that if you want to stand out you have to figure out a way to deliver your content message or product differently than everyone else.

How do you become your own heretic? How do you chose to stand out from the crowd?

Don’t have a conversation about what is everyone else doing that is working. Have a conversation about how do I stand out. Ask yourself, “How can I do things differently than my competitors to make me not just unique but REMARKABLE?

My passion is helping individuals think outside the box. I help my clients be REMARKABLE!

Which content delivery style did you use or like best? Please share with me why, so I can continue to improve and help others to be remarkable.

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