Facebook has become my new BFF

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Has anyone asked themselves why Facebook is really so popular?


I have as I work with clients to get them to understand the power that is at their fingertips. So I figured I’d list a few reasons.

1) Facebook is engaging. On so many different levels it is engaging. It gives the power over to the user to engage how and when you want too.

2) Facebook connects people. In a world where we are increasingly disconnected due to time and pressures of the day. We can reconnect with people who we don’t usually have the time to have a long conversation with.

3) Facebook is authentic. People use real names with real pictures(ok most everyone) but there is a shift from anonymous to real.

4) Facebook is social. I get to meet new people on facebook. Not only can I reconnect with old friends it allows me to meet new friends.

5) Facebook is power. It strokes my ego ever so gently, lovingly cause even when no one is looking or talking to me I can talk to myself. I can post pictures of myself and it’s expected.

6) Facebook listens and responds. When I posted how frustrated I was about how slow facebook was the other day somehow they fixed the problem. And isn’t that what we want in a relationship someone to listen and take our concerns serious, respond and make up happy.

7) Facebook meets all my needs. It gives me access to my friends and games and silly surveys so I can figure out that I would be I a German Shepard if I were a dog.


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