Exceeding Customer Expectations

If you want to get ahead in today’s world. You need too not only meet, but Exceed your Customer’s Expectations.  If you don’t your competitor will have an opening to approach that customer and promise bigger and better.

Here is a clip of the CEO of Zappo’s at a recent conference talking about why Zappo’s is a company about customer service not a company about shoes.

Be clear about your vision. Zappo’s approach and clarity of vision is an example to learn from.  If one thinks back to Miracle on 34th Street where Santa Claus worked at Macys and told customers where to get what they wanted down the street at the competetions place of business. The step that Zappo’s does do it actually find the item for the customer.

They shift what we know back to the basics. They take new technology and use it to implement basic values to maintain their company culture.

I do Business Coaching with a focus on customer relationships. How and what do you do as a business owner to turn a first time customer into a loyal, never go anywhere else customer? If you don’t know then you now have something to think about. Call me if you want to explore moving from just another business to the leader of your industry.