Yelp your Business If you’re not familiar with it, you should be. This is just one site where you can list your local business and allow your customers to not only find you but give feedback. Recommendations and critiques. To learn more about business review sites click here.Part of utilizing the internet to help your business grow and sustain profit is to know where your customers are on the internet. Also keeping track of comments about your business is part of managing your Brand. If your Brand is getting rave reviews then awesome, if it’s getting mixed or negative reviews then you have to take proactive steps to correct the problem…. or percieved problem.  It goes back to managing the expectations of your customers or reputation management. Only through understanding when you excel and when you fall short can you make the nessicary adjustments to tweek not only your own service delivery but ultimately your customers satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is where the money is at. Show me the money and I’ll show you a large pool of satisfied customers. ORM or Online Reputation ManagementCoaching Question:How are you gathering information from your customers so you can gain knowledge, adapt and manage your online reputation?Chuck Franks, PCCBusiness Relationship Coach