Why Facebook?

I overheard a couple of coaches talking the other day and they basically said.  “I don’t see the value in wasting my time with facebook.”  and “Yeah, Facebook is for personal and Linked in is for professional.” I want to take a minute and share my thoughts.There is no longer a black and white line dividing personal and professional when it comes to your brand. You are who you are.  People are no longer going through traditional means to find what they are looking for. When was the last time you opened a yellow pages to look up something.  You might  look in the yellow pages on line.  But most people are using their browser to Google key words to help them find what it is they are looking for at that given moment.   When your being truly authentic your not holding back your not thinking how is this going to benefit me by keeping this piece of information secret or separate from my client. Granted there is still some information that you need to choose to share with certain people. And other information that can be shared with whoever.   I was trained that you share very little with patients which over the years have come to be known as clients, or even customers. In therapy there needs to be clear boundaries about the relationship you have with clients.  Therapists actually get together and ask for advise about certain clients, setting boundaries and progress.  As a matter of fact thinking about how you present yourself online is as important as how you present yourself professionally. What is your brand?  Chuck Franks, PCC