The person spending the money makes the decision

The person spending the money makes the decision

Mark Cuban

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I’m reading through this months Inc. magazine publication and I have already earmarked 5 pages of things I need to follow up on because they can help me both grow my own business but also help my clients. The first of which is a blogger choosing not to blog any more, the company he feels  has outgrown the blog. What, blasphemy I say. But I move on and stored it in my brain to come back too later.

I’m struck as I read an (e-mail) interview with Mark Cuban.  Mark is a billionaire entrepreneur so if he says something I’m going to listen and process it. It may or may not be the right fit for me, but I still give him the respect that he knows what he is talking about.

Mark is making the case for doing everything via e-mail rather than by phone. Which I disagree with. But, he makes some great points on his side of the argument. Mark’s  quote in the article that struck me is this, “The person who is spending the money makes the decision.”  Most people wouldn’t argue this point. It seems like it makes so much sense that there wouldn’t even be an opposing point of view. However, I run into business owners all the time who run their business a certain way and if someone doesn’t like it they can take their money elsewhere. Yes, I’m usually shocked by this type of mentality but there are usually many variables that factor into this mentality. We spend some time talking about the who, what, why and how is that working out for them info for clarification. Then if I know them well enough at that point I just say “Bullshit” you need an attitude adjustment. The most important part of a business is it’s customers, (the ones spending the money) remember them, the ones keeping you in business to begin with.

So this leads me to social media. Companies are all wanting to jump on the bandwagon and have a twitter account, and a facebook page and a this and a that because everyone else is doing it. They forget about the possible ramifications.  In the last house we lived in we had 3 doors. Front, side and back. Well smart people we are, we decided, wouldn’t it be nice to have french doors to go out onto the patio on the front and the back of the house. Don’t loose faith I’m getting there. Now we have 5 doors or entry points. Each social media platform you start utilizing brings new doors… all of which have to be answered if someone knocks on them. It would be rude to leave someone out in the cold and now answer the door right. And how happy would a customer be if they have to figure out which of the 5 doors to knock on if you decide you only want them coming in one. Why the hell did you put 5 doors in, and why the hell did you give your customers 5 different platforms for them to engage with you, if all your going to do is redirect them to a phone number. You as a business owner have to answer each door, you have to engage with each platform or social media site you put up. So if someone is going to knock on any of the doors I’ve put in my business, I’m going to be there to answer that door and invite them in. Hoping they brought their checkbook or credit card.


Feel free to disagree or share your thoughts.

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