International Coach Federation vs International Association of Coaches

International Coach Federation vs International Association of Coaches


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Recently I decided to do a little research into the two major if not only credentialing bodies that I’m aware of.

The Heartland Coaches Alliance as a group decided to allign ourselves with ICF International Coach Federation but there was some discussion about the viability of IAC the International Association of Coaches

So I decided to write to each and here are the results of the questions I asked.

Here is the response I got from IAC.
Hello Chuck, We have over 11,000 subscribers who get our newsletter publication the Voice plus enjoy some of the benefits of our organization like discounts on certain services, etc. This year we transitioned to a paid membership, which is the number you see when you search the directory(318). Those coaches have the directory listing which you see on our site. There are 53 certified coaches, of which 44 are current members. We will soon be listing coaching schools and mentors who will be using the IAC Coaching Masteries in their training. In the meantime, may we suggest you contact some member coaches and ask it they are interested in studying the material with you? Many coaches study this way with another coach, or in triads, where three coaches meet on the phone and take turns being the coach, client and observer. Thank for your interest in the IAC, The IAC support team


ICF on the other hand.

How many chapters does the ICF have?
155 local ICF Chapters in 41 countries.

– How many coaches currently hold an ICF credential?
2,870 coaches

ICF Credential Breakdown • 1,240 Associate Certified Coach (ACC) • 1004 Professional Certified Coach (PCC) • 626 Master Certified Coach (MCC)

I’ll update this when I confirm it through personal contact with the ICF organization.

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