Heartland Coaches Award

I had the great honor of representing our local Chapter of Kansas City Coaches named Heartland Coaches at the ICF conferencein Montreal Canada where the hard work of many was recognized.

“I see the passion and professionalism in our local coaching community all year long, as Chapter President. This Local Spirit, Global Presence-Community Activism Award publicly acknowledges the time, effort, passion and commitment of the coaches I have the esteemed honor to work with and know personally. It allows our Chapter to reflect on and rejoice in our spirit, passion and commitment to giving back to our community. We have plans to continue giving back to our local community by awarding a service grant annually. We had more coaches volunteer to work on this grant than we could utilize which only brings excitement and promise about future possibilities. We look to the future with high hopes about our capacity to be a presence in and continue to give back to our local community.”

Chuck Franks, PCC

Heartland Coaches ICF Chapter President