Giving Thanks

I’m feeling overwhelmed lately what with the holiday rush and lots of little things that need to be taken care of.

And my blog has taken a back seat for a few days.

1)I’m grateful for the struggle to challenge myself to keep blogging.

I say that because it means I have access to the internet, it means I had enough money to pay my internet bill, it means I have time to even think about this part of my business marketing plan, it means I have a voice and a vehicle by which to speak.

2)I’m grateful for mankind.

I chose this because rather than single any one person out whether it be my Mom, or Dad, or Partner or Brother, or Niece, or my circle of close friends, or my community of coaches, or the helper who brought me water yesterday and had a great big smile, or my clients. I get so much from each and every person. So I’m happy I’m not on this earth alone.

3)I’m grateful for nature.

It’s easy to focus on my own animals which give me unconditional love but I’m also grateful for all the nature I’m gifted with each day that surrounds my home. I’m grateful even though winter is my least favorite season that is allows me not to take the others for granted.

4)I’m grateful for love.

I am surrounded by love in my relationships, in my surroundings, in my career. I am grateful that I can see and experience it.

I wish for everyone that each one of you can see the many blessings you have and are open to experience each one. I wish that love shows up in your life daily on whatever scale it does and that we all are able to see it and name it.

And I’m also thankful for Facebook. I’ve been dragging my feet joining one more social networking thing but this morning a long lost friend/roommate/mentor from college connected with me on there. I’ve been trying to track him down for several years since we lost touch. So I’m grateful to get back in touch with my dear friend Mark McDonald.