Happy Father’s Day

Thank you Dad,for always being my solid rock,for teaching me values that withheld the test of time,for teaching me patience (a lesson still being worked on)for supporting me,pushing me,accepting me,loving me.I am who I am today because my father is who he is. Steadfast in his conviction to be a man. A man not defined by outside criteria but one who bases decisions in love and value and honor. Salt of the earth kind of guy.I come from a working class family but somehow growing up I taught to believe I was equal to anyone. I was taught the value of a dollar, how not to follow others just because everyone else was doing it, and how to stand in my own space and be my own man.So thank you Dad. You have taught me to be able to see remarkable people, remarkable things, because you are remarkable and always have been. Thanks for being truly remarkable.Your loving son,Chuck[img_assist|nid=199|title=Me and My Dad, Leon|desc=|link=popup|align=center|width=380|height=506]