Customer Support at

I just want to go on record saying how happy I am with my website hosting customer service department.

Recently they switched me with my permission from a Windows based to a Linux based hosting site.  All this is greek to me but apparently when I had my website set up it was written for Windows. Since that time I personally have switched to using a Mac. Which is why they suggested that the Linux would be better for me. I didn’t know it but for the past probably two months anyone trying to sign up for my newsletter have been getting an error message.
The customer support guy took one look at my code and said oh well you have an .asp page and Linux doesn’t read that it reads .php better. But if we switch you back to a Windows based host it will solve the problem. All in less than 5 minutes.
Wow. They are good. I’ve been impressed with since I’ve been a member but this guy went above and beyond.  They are not suppose to tech support code. 
Now I could have gotten someone that just said we don’t do that. But I didn’t I got someone who went above and beyond his job description and solved my problem in 5 minutes.  I continue to be a big fan and would recommend them to anyone. I’ve never had a bad customer service call.  And honestly I call them fairly often as so much of this is above my head.