Commitments are things we make with very good intentions of following through.  However life seems to get in the way.  We get distracted.  Already today I woke up and 

1) There was a leak from the humidifier coming through the ceiling
2) Batteries were low in the thermostat which turns off the furnace where my office is……burrrrrrrr.
3) The batteries were low in my wireless mouse
4) My printer isn’t hooked up correctly after returning from my trip, my wireless network
5) During a meeting with a new client I came over to type in our next appointment and my laptop keyboard wouldn’t respond.
6) My Dad driving through town wanted to stop and have lunch after deer hunting season, he can’t get his motion detection camera to work and I’ve lost the manual
7) One of my clients has lost my phone number and e-mailed me at the last minute to say yes he would be here but hadn’t returned my call
8) etc. etc. etc.
And it’s only 1pm.
So how do we stay focused on what is important and keep the commitments we have made to ourselves, our clients, our loved ones.
Setting priorities is one way to stay focused. Seeing the value in prioritizing different things allows us to sift through the daily grind and actually get deadlines for ourselves.
One commitment I’ve made is to start blogging again. If you were to read my blog you’d know this isn’t the first time I’ve made this commitment. What gets in my way?  How can I come up with an action plan to make sure I stick with blogging as a way of marketing.  One way is, I intend to change my thoughts about blogging. It isn’t something I’ll do when I get around to it. It is part of my marketing plan.  So if I’m not marketing how do I expect people to find me and decide to work with me.  So I will commit again.