Chad Shoup saves the day with awesome customer service

Chad Shoup saves the day with awesome customer service

I was given a pool table which needed to be re-felted. So I looked around and got some information. I was ever so grateful when I found Chad Shoup owner of MOKAN Billiards who was professional from start to finish. Don’t you just love it when someone or some business exceeds your expectations.  Read on to see how Chad exceeded my expectations….


1) He was nice. (that goes a long way with me)

2) He was knowledgeable and professional.

3) He showed up on time…. (hard to find these days)

4) He quoted a price and estimated time frame for the work. Because he takes such pride in his work resulted in the work it took 2 hours longer than estimated. My bill/estimate didn’t change. (I SWEAR!)

The reason I’m writing this post is because I think anyone interested in having their pool table re-felted (which by the way is not really felt) should call him. No, I don’t get any referral fee. Hmm… maybe I should have ran that by him. Oh well too late.

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