The universe at work

I do actually believe in a power greater than myself and saw it in action this week. I had made plans to meet a friend for lunch. I was running late so I called her cell phone to let her know. She didn’t answer.  Once I got there I called her house phone just to cover my bases.  After waiting for about 15 minutes I was hungry so I went ahead and ordered. Low and behold she showed up shortly afterwards. She however walked right by me and up to the counter and I overheard her telling them she needed to order but wanted it to go as she had to go do a chemo treatment. This is her 3rd round of dealing with cancer in about 5 years. So I walk up and gently touch her back and ask aren’t you going to eat it here with me.  She turned around and was totally shocked that I was even there. She didn’t have it down on her palm pilot that we were meeting for lunch that day.  She just happened to think she wanted some food to take to her treatment and choose this restuarant.  To make this even harder to believe this restaurant is new and has only been open for about 4 months. She can be forgetful these days as the chemo makes it hard for her to remember things. But of all days for her to choose to come to a place where I was at, when I was suppose to be meeting her is just wild.

Cheers to her continued progress.
And if you want to check out a new place to eat. The brookside soup guy is the one who open this place.  I’d heard about him and his soups for several years now so it was nice to finally meet him. The name of the place is The Happy Gillis.
Info on the place.
Review of the restuarant in the pitch.