Love Yourself First!

Relationships with other people can come and go. Your relationship with yourself is the one that you need to not only focus on but also be proud of.I wrote this post to a friend and then decided it was advice I’d give to anyone so I’d changed a few words to make it let specific but wanted to share it with everyone. I’m tagging it as leadership because we truly are leading our own lives. Sometimes we just forget we have so much freedom to choose where we lead ourselves.You are a beautiful soul that shines bright.Only let people in that make your light brighter, if they dim it then they are not supporting and helping you grow toward your true brilliance.  You have a choice to grow from every situation, positive and negative. Some of our greatest growth in life comes from the worst situations we go through. It never really feels like it at the time but it all adds up to make us who we are.All you can do it focus on being someone who adds to your own brilliance and not dim your own light.Love yourself first. When you do you role model positive behavior for others. You also become grounded in love which attracts others who are grounded in love to you.Chuck FranksRelationship Coach