Local Seminars by Coaches in Kansas City

Local Seminars by Coaches in Kansas City

Yesterday’s Breakfast meeting
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Goals. One thing that is going to happen is that a few of us coaches are going to start doing some seminars and educational events. I had the pleasure of having a breakfast meeting with two people who I admire and we talked about how this might look and happen.

The first is Sheri Mortko she is presiding as Past President of the local Heartland Coaches Alliance and has been a rock for me during my term as President. She has always been in tune with and able to reach out and support me. She is a dynamic caring person who I have full faith in her coaching abilities. Check her out at Live Like You Mean It.

The other person who was at this planning meeting was Jerry Smith. He is the type of person that when your sitting and talking with him you just feel a sense of comfort. He has a certain calm about him that is reassuring. He serves the post of Secretary for our local International Coach Federation Chapter and has been active in the group longer than I have. Again someone else I would highly recommend, you can check him out at Accord Coaching.

There are a few other coaches who couldn’t make it due to prior engagements with clients but heck back as I’ll be sharing more about the various coaches that live and work in Kansas City.

Look for upcoming seminars and classes with these local Kansas City Coaches and my self, Chuck Franks.

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