Does your life need a coach to help you get unstuck?

Does your life need a coach to help you get unstuck?

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 Do you need a life coach?

And excerpt from the article

Finding a coach

Just like hiring any professional, you should do some homework and shop around before choosing a life coach. Since it’s someone you’ll be working with closely, and probably revealing a lot of personal information to, it’s key to look for someone with whom you feel at ease.

“As with any relationship, it’s important for coach and client to ‘click’ interpersonally. You need to be comfortable with your coach’s personality and communication style,” Scott says.

The International Coach Federation recommends talking to three prospective candidates and requesting two or more references from each. It advises asking the coaches lots of questions, including how much experience they have, how many people they’ve worked with and what specific successes they’ve had in helping their clients.

“The best way to find out which coach is best for you is to ask for a sample session and then use that time to get coached on a real problem, not to ask questions about coaching,” Britten says. “Trust yourself. If the coach isn’t supporting you right off the bat, say ‘thank you’ and move on,” she adds.

You can search a database of coaches credentialed by the International Coach Federation at its Web site The International Association of Coaching has a similar tool listing its certified members at here is my listing Chuck Franks.