$5000 Service Grant Awarded to Non-Profit HIV/AIDS service provider

$5000 Service Grant Awarded to Non-Profit HIV/AIDS service provider

Press Release: Coaching Awareness Week Heartland Coaches Alliance awards a $5000 service grant to local HIV/AIDS service provider Good Samaritan Project.

Feb 2008 – Chuck Franks,LCSW, Certified Professional Coach and President of the Heartland Coaches Alliance, www.heartlandcoaches.org, announces $5000 service grant for Coaching Awareness Week, February 3-9, 2008.  

About the Heartland Coaches Alliance:

Chuck is proud of the local chapter who has awarded a service Grant of
$5000 to a local HIV/AIDS service provider, Good Samaritan
Project. “This is just one way of giving back to the community this year,” said Chuck Franks.
The Heartland Coaches Alliance has 54 members and was founded in
2005. The Alliance is a Chartered Chapter of the International Coach
Federation, www.coachfederation.org, which has over 11,000 members
worldwide. The mission of the Alliance is to build the professionalism
and competency of its member coaches, and to educate
the public about the value of coaching.

“Coaching is a powerful way for people to experience one-on-one help with their goals,” said Chuck Franks, President of the Heartland Coaches Alliance. “Working with a
coach can help people get more of what they want from life and increase their career or business success.”

To find out more about this exciting group of coaches, interested parties should
visit www.HeartlandCoaches.org or contact Chuck Franks at 816-885-2526 or Info@InnerStrengthQuest.com.

About International Coaching Week:

International Coaching Week was founded by New Mexico coach Jerri
Udelson in 1999. The week is acknowledged in Chase’s Calendar of
Events. Coaches around the world schedule community events, pro bono
coaching, and workshops to educate the public about coaching during
this time. More information about Coaching Week is available at

Chuck Franks, Certified Professional Coach


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