Kansas City Online Community

Today I’m be highlighting Chris J. Gould who most people know at the guy behind the Kansas City Online Community. http://www.kconlinecommunity.com/Recently their monthly meetings are drawing record numbers of professionals looking to network and build relationships. This is not only amazing but it’s something no other group can have bragging rights too.Chris and I met for a brief in person interview a few weeks back.  I was asking Chris what makes him different. One of the main things that came up during our discussion was his value of diversity of thought. He has learned through work and life that many people from many different walks of life, life styles, cultures, experiences all come together to make what is truly something beautiful.  Being open to stepping into someone’s shoes and walking in their life or attempting to view the world from their vantage point allows us to open up to seeing a different color than beige. Chris lives in Johnson county and as we all know beige is a popular color for house paint there so if someone chooses a different color it stands out. And isn’t that what life is about standing out and being unique. The challenge I think which is what I was so impressed with Chris with was his ability to value that difference. Chris can see how valuing the difference and uniqueness of individuals allows him to build stronger teams and pull better work from them thus increasing productivity from his staff.  He utilizes this knowledge in his building of the Kansas City Online Community because he values each person in the community.I asked Chris what one value he wanted to pass on to his children and he said to live with religion but to value people and love.You can find and connect with Chris here on his Ning site: http://www.kconlinecommunity.com/profile/ChrisGould