Honesty as a family value.

What I commit to start doing is practicing my orating skills and combine that into a process that proliferates my writing. I want to do that in such a way that I’m not tied to the computer because sitting there at the computer locks down my brain.  There are times when locking down your brain and focusing on something is good but there are times when that’s limiting.  This process starts today.


As far back as I can remember being truthful and honest and seeking to always be truthful and honest has been a family value driven mostly by my Mother and events in her life that created a desire…

I’m working on a story that is very personal to my family (especially my Mother) and I want to get permission and give respect to those involved before publishing. If you want to be notified of when it’s published feel free to leave a comment and I’ll follow-up with you.


Honesty is a choice that leads to integrity.