Family grows just in time for Christmas

Family grows just in time for Christmas

I recently read on a blog about how I should focus on negative topics to catch peoples attention and to drive up traffic. Well I choose not to do that. I choose to focus on positive, wonderful, and good things. Here is something personal to me, I just read on a family website blog. I have watched Jake grow from just a boy himself into a fine young man. And to witness the circle of life is a beautiful thing to see. I have learned much about love from the this huge family. A gift most of them never even realize they are giving, yet give freely and openly every day.

Jake Wilkerson, Dec. 18th 2008

Man, being a Dad is awesome! I didn’t know exactly how I was going to feel, everyone has told me, “you’ll feel different when its your own.” I thought maybe a little. I have been around so many babies and helped raise most of my neices and nephews they were like my own. When I was in the room holding Nays leg back as she pushed I first got a little light headed, I had to sit down and breathe for a sec. I prayed that the Lord would help me to be strong. When it was time for her to push again I was fine. When little J’s head poped out I got a little chocked up. I held it back cause there were about 8 people in there besides me. I gathered myself and cut the cord, but when they took him over to clean him off

I heard him cry, I looked at Nay and I just couldn’t hold this one back. I sat down with tears in my eyes I covered my face. It was just something u can’t describe. I thought this is what everyone was talkin about. And that feeling hasn’t really went away. Having a son has changed me tremendously. I always fell short of my goals in life even though I was pretty good at what I did it was like I went so far just to fall short of the goal. All of my past failures, my insecureities, my selfishness, my dreams that I had slip through my fingers, it all fades as my eyes are opened to a bright future as I look into his face. I’m not putting all my dreams on him but he and Nay are the sum of all my dreams and goals, to have a loving family. My only goal now is to provide a good life for my family, to raise him up right in a Godly home. I pray and know that he will experience the love that I had growing up. I thank all of you in the family that gave that to me. I love u all so much.

James: Very well said, Dad… just hearing you re-tell the experience brought tears to my eyes. I believe your heart has just grown two sizes… (or did it get smaller because you’ve given a part of it away?) The very most important thing you will be able to teach him, will be LOVE! Congratulations on your new arrival! He is in good hands.

Patty: It is soooooooo awsome. It will even get better as you teach him to grow into a little man. There will be some rough times but the times outweigh the bad ones.

Michelle: brought tears…. heck I am balling!!! I am very happy for you and Nay. I hope the feeling never goes away! You will/are be an awesome dad. I love you too.

Thanks, I haven’t had a good cry in awhile. lol


Frank: Chuck and I are right there with you Michelle. I don’t know how many times I had to stop to wipe my tears as I tried to joyfully read this posting to Chuck. Each time I looked over he was wiping the tears also.

Jake and Nay, we want nothing but that moment’s joy to last your whole life long. As Aunt Patty said may moments like this outweigh the rough times that are sure to be there too.

This family knows how to pass down it’s Heart. I am proud to be included in your company!

Uncle, Great Uncle Frankie & Chuck.
We love you all.