Differences in Coaching

Relationship coaching


Consulting: Coaching is a form of consulting, but the coach stays with you to help you implement the new skills, changes and goals to make sure they really happen.

Therapy: Coaching is not therapy. There are some large areas of overlay and skills that both a therapist and a coach uses. Coaches don’t work on “issues” or get into the past or deal much with understanding individual human behavior and motivation. Rather, they help move you forward with focus on setting and achieving personal and professional goals that will provide the life you really want.

Some might hear the word “coach” and think football. But athletic coaches generally are in charge, setting the goals and the path to victory. With lifecoaches, it’s the client who sets the goals.

The International Coaching Federation said there are 16,000 coaches worldwide, hundreds of schools offering training, as well as an endless variety of subjects: health, relationship, spiritual, creativity, business, career, acting, sewing, gardening, dating, parenting, divorce.

Coaching isn’t therapy, It often is very practical, focusing on actions a person can take to reach goals. Unlike therapists, coaches don’t focus on the childhood experiences that might be the root of the way a person lives or feels.

There’s also a difference between getting help from a coach and getting help from family and friends. Loved ones might be influenced by the past and long-held expectations.

Coaching relies on a set of skills: active listening, asking powerful questions, communicating directly.

I follow the guidelines from the International Coach Federation (IFC). The IFC holds its members to a higher level of professionalism.

The value that my clients get is hard to put into words and that is why I try to let my clients speak for me. I think my clients do a better job of selling me than I do of selling myself.

You can see and hear some of my clients tell you what they get from me on my testimonial page.

Here is what I hope to achieve. Helping people realize their dreams. Each client has a different dream. What is your dream?

The fact that you are visiting my site means you probably are already considering hiring a coach. You’re probably wondering how it can make business sense. Your also probably wondering, ‘Is this Chuck Franks the right guy for me.’ Let me see if I can shed a little light on who I am and what I believe in so you can make that decision and choose to contact me about having a conversation. Here is an overview of some of my thoughts, beliefs and feelings around how I work and what my clients accomplish by working with me.

My personal philosophy of Coaching

I’ve been a coach my entire life. My training as a counselor gave me a strong education and background to work with. The basics of Reality theory are about clarifying the truth and then doing something about it, taking action.

I get excited about coaching when a client has an “AHA moment”.   A shift happens and they can instantly see the world from a new place in a new way.   It is simply amazing. It’s definitely what drives and excites me. I work with my clients and we move forward together through the process of reaching their goals creating the life they truly want.

Even though I get excited from “AHA moments”, I get even more excited when my clients tell me stories about how they see direct results from the work we do together.

It’s not enough just to be an optimist because it’s not enough just to focus on the part of the glass half-full you have to focus on the skill set that’s going to allow you to fill the glass completely full which is ultimately the expectation that we have in life these days.

We expect to be a live have a fulfilling career and a full social life we expect this level of happiness and satisfaction that we can have it all and we can is just a matter of appreciating what is that we already have and then focusing on how to attain what is that we don’t have yet not focusing out with one what we don’t have the focusing on the steps that will achieve obtaining that

How my experience fills a need for my potential clients is that because of my counseling psychology background I have a unique ability to bring therapy skills to the coaching process. I clearly state that I don’t do therapy however there is some crossover in technique and skills that bring a unique experience to my clients based on my past experience.