Sexual Health Certification Program for Therapists

The University of Michigan has a great Sexual Health Certificate Program. Check out all the things they teach.
Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)
  • Process-oriented seminar using lecture, media, experiential methods, activities, and small group discussions
  • Explores attitudes, values, feelings, and beliefs about sexuality and how these impact their professional interactions.

Core Sexual Health Education

Introduction to Sexual Health—Cultural and Biological Underpinnings

  • Sex and Sexuality
  • The foundations of Sexuality in History, Culture, and Religion
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Sexuality across the Lifespan

Medical and Developmental Aspects of Sexual Health—A Biopsychosocial Perspective across the Lifespan

  • Menstruation, Conception, Pregnancy/Pregnancy Options, Birth, Menopause
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections & Safer Sex Practices
  • Conditions impacting sexual and reproductive function for men and women – substance abuse, injury/disability, chronic illness, and medication for illness

Sexual Health Problems

  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Sexual Variations and Disorders
  • Criminal Sexual Behavior
  • Trauma
  • Pornography
  • Sexual Addiction/Compulsivity
  • Sexual Harassment

Intimacy and Sexuality in Couples Relationships

  • Patterns – “Hooking Up” to “Getting Hitched”
  • Same Sex Relationships
  • Alternative Lifestyles
  • Love and Attraction
  • Intimacy
  • Common Sexual Challenges in Relationships
  • Couples Therapy for Sexual Challenges

The Discipline of Sexology

  • History of Sexual Research
  • Landmark Studies
  • Application of Psychological Theories to Sexual Issues
  • History of Sexual Education in North America
  • Emergence of Sex Therapy as a Specialization
  • Professional Organizations

Gender and Sexual Orientation

  • Gender Identity and Roles
  • Sexual Orientation

Advanced Training In Sexuality Counseling And Therapy

Techniques of Sex-Related Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Psychosexual Disorders in the Current DSM IV-TR

  • Application of models in different settings
  • Principles of interdisciplinary consultation, collaboration, and referral
  • Ethics in the provision of counseling and therapy in sexual health
  • Sexual health interviewing and taking a sexual history in different settings
  • Assessment and brief treatment strategies following Psychosexual Disorders in the DSM IV-TR

Theory and Methods of Sex-Related Counseling and Psychotherapy – Couple and Individual Approaches

  • Theory and methods of approach to intervention in relationship systems experiencing sex and intimacy problems, integration of sexuality counseling/sex therapy and couples therapy
  • Sex therapy/sexuality counseling and desire phase problems, sexual aversion, disorders of sexual development, and trauma-related sexual difficulties
  • Treatment of compulsive sexual behavior and atypical sexual behavior

Theory and method of assessment and treatment of psychosexual disorders related to chronic illness

  • Sexual counseling and sex therapy with medically related sexual problems – techniques and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Treating sexual health problems in the presence of chronic illness and lifespan challenges

Advanced Sex Therapy Techniques: Interdisciplinary approaches to assessment and treatment of psychosexual disorders, individual and couple treatment

  • Interdisciplinary practice in psychosexual disorders–diagnosis and treatment
  • Sex therapy treatment—techniques and treatment challenges in diverse health and mental health settings
  • Clinical approaches using individual, couple, group, and innovative approaches to treatment of psychosexual disorders
  • Use of supervision as a sex therapist
  • Techniques for evaluating clinical outcomes